Thesis Topics in Software Science

The field of software science is wide and varied. Our topics range from the theory of programming to applications in high-assurance software development.

While we are all interested in elegant programming paradigms that make bad programming less likely, we have slightly different tastes. Härmel works on more foundational topics, while Vesal focuses more on program verification; Kalmer develops frameworks for static analysis and teaches functional as well as verified programming.

Our suggested thesis topics

You may dive into this field by writing a tutorial or lab package for one of our courses, investigate techniques that take programming to the next level, develop and apply sound static analysis to guarantee code correctness, or try AI-based approaches to software development and testing.

Teaching Material & IntrosProgramming 2.0Sound Static AnalysisAutomated SW Engineering

At the moment, these pages do not integrate all topics by Kalmer and Härmel.
You may find even more topics on our chair's topics page.

Your own topics!

Please do not forget the that you can actually come to us and propose your own topics! You should view the topics listed as examples, not a complete list of what can be done in this field. We are also happy to guide you in your own software project if you are interested in learning about and applying novel programming languages or math-based verification techniques to achieve higher guarantees of code correctness in your project or company.