Laboratory for Software Science

Software science explores the mathematical and technological foundation of programming. It develops the theories, languages and tools needed to build reliable software systems. The ultimate goal of software science is to reduce programming-induced gratuitous suffering: By grounding software development on a solid mathematical foundation, harmful software bugs and security vulnerabilities are eliminated.

The Laboratory for Software Science at the University of Tartu was founded to consolidate research in this critical area at the core of computer science. Our lab is particularly concerned with developing methods to verify system properties via type systems and formally sound program analysis techniques.

Kalmer, Varmo and Vesal with our Munich colleagues.

Academic staff members:

  • Vesal Vojdani, Associate Professor of Programming Languages.
  • Danel Ahman, Associate Professor of Programming Languages.
  • Kalmer Apinis, Research Fellow in Programming Languages.
  • Ahti Põder, Lecturer in Informatics.

Associated members:


  • Simmo Saan, PhD student.
  • Bruno Carneiro, PhD student.
  • Karoliine Holter, PhD student.